Courage. Authenticity. Freedom.


On my Instagram art page, I follow hundreds of artists and also have the honor of being followed by hundreds of artists in turn. The comments are so encouraging from the artist community and I have been uplifted by the support when I post a first sketch or a new painting.

Along with the artists’ pages, I also began following #grayhairmovement about four months ago when I, myself, decided to let my hair transition to its natural gray. Or as it is often called, and rightly so, silver. Gray hair has a bad reputation: as being lifeless and drab, or dry and course. I have found that it is none of those things. It is sparkly and reflects the light. It is smooth and soft. And I love my silver hair! I also love these words many use to describe #silversisters: courageous and authentic.

Courage. Authenticity. Freedom. The artist and author's thoughts and experience on her silver hair and the #grayhairmovement

Those very same words can be used to describe anyone, I believe, who reveal their vulnerable side whether it be as an artist, musician, singer, or sculptor. You name it, if you have to create anything at all, it takes a certain amount of courage to be authentic and to show that to the world.

These words courage and authenticity, to me, are interchangeable with following my vision to share my pastel paintings and to stop coloring my hair and embracing my silver. It takes that and more to bare your soul and your spirit, and rely on your “feeling” that it will all be okay.

And for me, what is the end result of all this courage and authenticity? Freedom. Freedom to be myself. Perhaps cliché, but from the first silver hair to the very last stroke of color added to my pastel painting, there is a tremendous sense of freedom in showing the real me.

My Journey to Pastels

My art studio


can come from many places. For me it has been a long journey to be “inspired” and to find something that truly spoke to my soul. I have been searching for awhile and tried many different things: jobs, volunteering, writing. Each time I would venture into something new I was sure that this was the thing I had been searching for. But after a period of time, some shorter than others, I would find myself bored or looking for something new. And then this past fall, things began to happen in a slow stream of synchronicity. The strong coincidences happened subtly at first and then, everything just clicked into place.

From what I can recall, I read an article about thinking back when you were 10 and what you liked to do. Embrace your inner child it instructed. Remember what made you happy. For me it was art, especially pastels. So I searched for a pastel class which was difficult to find. Luckily I found one that was held in the morning on a Thursday right in my town. Step one. The class was awesome but I would have to invest in materials that most likely would end up in a box somewhere, unused, which is the way of most of my attempts at finding that “certain something”. But I took the leap, and bought the pastels, paper, and other assorted art supplies. And I kept going, faithfully, every Thursday…and signed up for the next session again…and again. In time, I found myself totally immersed in art and pastels. Hours would go by and I would still be working on a piece I had started earlier in the day…it was mesmerizing.

So here I am, six months later, painting on a daily basis and for the first time in a long while, totally enjoying every moment. Of course there are frustrations and a piece may not turn out as well as I wanted, but the end result is usually something of which I am proud. After finishing several pieces and hanging them on my walls of my art studio (yes I have designated a spot just for my art), I can honestly say I am now truly inspired. It took me on other paths as well, spiritual and thought-provoking, but that’s for another day, another blog post! All I can tell you is, if you too are looking to find inspiration, look inside yourself and don’t ignore the little whispers telling you to try something new, or to try something again, even if it’s from a very long time ago.